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Hao Gu

VP of Robotics

Hao is a rising junior at Lynbrook high school who is interested in robotics and automation. He has participated in competitive robotics since 5th grade and he has led his team to consistent victories at State Championships in 7th and 8th grade, receiving the title of State Champion and Robot Skills Champion twice, and also won the State excellence award and Design award. In high school he has competed in VRC under the team 315S and has ranked 1st in California for Robot Skills this season. and won tournament champion 3 times. In the past, he has also coached 4+ VEX IQ teams in Oregon and in California.


In addition to robotics, Hao is a very active member of the student body at school. He is a member of MUN, Engineering, ML clubs, Volleyball, and ASB. This year, he has had the experience to lead his class in rallies and homecoming as class president of the class of 2025. He is an avid public speaker and has won multiple awards at MUN such as Honorable at SBMUN. He plays opposite hitter for the junior varsity and is working on getting a 30 inch vertical

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