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Chapter: USA Pennsylvania ClC Charter STEM 4 Youth

Vice President: Eric Liu

Eric Liu is a 7th grader in CLC charter school going to 7th grade this fall. He participated in ACSL (Including four sections - computer number systems, Boolean algebra, infix and postfix, and Graph Theory) and finished with a bronze medal.


He learned Scratch, Java and HTML in 5th grade and has been learning Python since his 6th grade. He likes developing tricky programs and never gives up on a project when conducting research using the Internet to tackle challenges. 


Eric had recently competed in a CoderZ Sprint Challenge Junior competition and his team won the third place with his points contribution and team assistance out of 75 teams of the mid-Atlantic.

 He also participated in the IEEE Centre County engineering competition partnered with a 4th grader boy Micah Hall for the main competition with a hover scooter design project and won first place for the design and science explanations. For his personal pet project of the competition, he completed an Lego Ev3 cart that uses color sensors to complete a line following a maze.  


Eric is friendly and pleasant.  In his free time, he likes to play soccer, tennis, ski/snowboard, skateboard, and badminton along with his classmates and friends. Eric also joins the rock band at school (plays keyboard/piano and drums) and is a good defense player on his recess soccer team. 

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