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OUtreach 2018

Boys & Girls Clubs

On July 5th, Sidharth Kannan and Craig Liu from SVSY performed a different experiment with a few more 8-year-olds. The experiment demonstrated how milk would react when combined with dish soap, and this was made visible by the addition of food coloring. The kids were very interested in the experiment and also benefited from being able to learn the science behind it. In the end, everyone present had a good time and had fun at the event.

On July 11th, another two representatives from SVSY, Andrew Yuan and Kaylia Mai, introduced a new experiment to a group of 9 year-olds. The experiment, called "Lava In a Cup," explored how different liquids behaved around each other due to differing densities. The students poured water into a clear cup and then added cooking oil, red food coloring, and salt. This caused the oil to sink and then slowly rise back up, which, combined with the red dye, gave the illusion of erupting lava. The children were fascinated by the simple physical phenomenon but were also able to learn the concept of density. They enjoyed it so much that they even asked to keep their colorful experiments!

On June 20th, Michael Zhao and Angela Jiao, two representatives from SVSY, led an experiment with a small group of 8-year-olds. The experiment involved exploring the functions of yeast by watching it slowly inflate a balloon with the addition of sugar and water. The children were intrigued by the balloons and loved how fun the experiment was, but were also able to learn from the experience and walk away with a little extra knowledge. Both parties thoroughly enjoyed the experience and looked forward to another one like it.

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