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Outreach 2019

Boys & Girls CLubs

On June 19th, 2019, Raymond Shao and Angela Jiao from SVSY visited an elementary school library and introduced the tie-dye milk experiment to a group of about 20 incoming 4th and 5th graders. The instructors first discussed the experiment and the science behind it using slides, then demonstrated it in front of the students. Afterward, the students were given the opportunity to try the experiment on their own. Everyone had fun putting drops of food coloring into their bowls of milk and watching the colors swirl with the addition of dish soap. They were all so intrigued by the experiment that they almost didn't want to clean up!


On June 26, 2019, Michael Zhao and Joe Lin from SVSY went to the Boys & Girls Clubs' Stipe Clubhouse in San Jose and led a group of 20+ incoming 5th graders in performing a hands-on experiment that introduced the students to the scientific principles behind and practical uses of yeast fermentation. Students mixed yeast, sugar, and warm water, and were able to see a balloon inflate from the gases produced by the mixture right in front of their eyes! In a fun mix of hands-on experimentation and an open Q&A session, students learned how the power of yeast fermentation has been harnessed by humans to produce food such as bread for millennia and the biological processes that lead to fermentation.


Rohit Suresh, from SVSY, went to Stipe Elementary School and performed a colorful experiment with incoming 3rd and 4th graders. Rohit first demoed the experiment to the students. Then, he explained the concepts of cohesion and adhesion. Afterwards, the students tried to perform the experiment themselves, and they were amazed when colored water traveled from cup to cup with the help of paper towels to create the colors of the rainbow. Later, the students and the instructor discussed how cohesion and adhesion applied to the experiment. After the experiment was completed, the kids wanted to try again with different colors!


On July 17th, 2019, Andrew Yuan and Raymond Shao from SVSY visited Stipe Elementary School and led a group of 4th and 5th graders in performing the Density Tower Experiment. The instructors started with an explanation of the concept of density, the fundamental principle that drives the experiment. Then, they demoed it to the students and allowed them to try it themselves. The students were fascinated by the bands of colors they had created with syrup, milk, dish soap, water, oil, and rubbing alcohol, and after the experiment was over, they sat and admired their colorful masterpieces!

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