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Selena Yang

VP of Life Science

Selena Yang, a rising junior at Lynbrook High School, is interested in all things STEM, especially biology. In her middle school, she was a member of the Science Bowl team for two years, winning 5th place at nationals and 1st place at regionals. She also led her team to win 2nd place at the National Biology Bowl this year. Additionally, Selena participated in multiple Science Olympiad events, including Heredity and Disease Detectives. She's consistently medaled for her events, including  2nd place for Heredity and 3rd place for Disease Detectives in California's state finals.


Outside of school, Selena also participates in many STEM competitions. She has been recognized as a USABO semifinalist. She's also qualified for the AIME and USACO Silver Division.


Besides STEM, Selena plays the piano, where she has won numerous awards at various regional, national, and international competitions for many years. Selena earned 1st place at the Elite International Music Competition and was invited to play at Carnegie Hall. She has also placed 1st in the USOMC Advanced Contemporary Division, 1st for the US International Open Music's Young Prodigy Competition, Honorable Mention for MTAC Solo Competition, and a Silver Medal in the Young Maestro Competition, among other awards.


In her spare time, she likes reading anything within reach, doodling random objects, growing plants, and hiking with her family and friends.

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